Frequently asked questions

1. Why use Prestige Lending instead of going to a bank directly?

As finance brokers, we can supply you with many more options, utilising a number of banks and their particular products. We can conveniently meet with you at a time that is suitable for you, even if that means afterhours or weekends.

2. Do we have to pay for your finance broker services?

Not at all. We are a free service to you. We get paid an upfront commission along with a monthly trial from the lending banks. The amount received from the lender does not effect your proposed interest rate or product selection.

3. What is the minimum deposit I need to get a home loan?

Depending on your particular circumstances, the minimum deposit can be as low as 2%, and up to 5%. The amount usually has to be saved over a three month period, but with policy changes happening regularly with the banks, it is best to contact us to get a more accurate answer.

4. I am self-employed. Can I still get a loan?

Absolutely! As long as you have had your ABN number for a minimum of two years, along with at least one year of financial records, you are able to apply for a loan.

5. How do I apply for a loan?

Get in contact with us where we can arrange a time to sit down and go through your requirements and what you wish to achieve. Based off this information, we can then discuss a range of options with you, get your paperwork ready and submit it to one of our lenders for approval.

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