Personal Loans

A personal loan can be used for just about anything. To purchase a vehicle, finance a holiday, consolidate debt, help with that dream wedding or cover the dentist bill. You will borrow a specific amount and make repayments on a regular basis, and by the end of the term (usually between one and seven years), your loan will be fully repaid. They can be an unsecured lend, which attracts a higher interest rate, or secured, which will bring your rate down. A variable personal loan charges an interest rate that is subject to change. Your repayments may differ during the term of the loan. A fixed personal loan charges a fixed rate, in which your repayments will not change during this time.

Before you look at applying for a personal loan, please get in contact with Prestige Lending Australia, so we can make sure you are ready. We can check your credit score and report to assess your situation, making sure there are no restrictions in which could prevent your application from being approved.

We can look around with the best technology tools, to fit you in a personal loan that is suitable for you.

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